• Floating Over Oxford!
  • Take Off!

In Oxfordshire we fly from the centre of Oxford itself, in the City Parks. Our operator was the first hot air balloon company to work with the Oxford City Council to enable regular flights from the City Parks. This allows us to share the spectacular spires and beautiful green spaces of Oxford with you on a regular basis (if the weather allows!)

When flying over Oxford you may be able to see the world famous Oxford University, established in 1096, and its renowned colleges. The colleges are housed in a variety of stunning structures – from Grade I listed Norman architecture to modern Scandinavian styled facilities.

Outside of the city itself you will be greeted by stunning open British countryside. We often fly towards well known local landmarks such as Farmoor Reservoir, Port Meadow and the remaining parts of Didcot Power Station.

  • An Illustration of James Sadler's Flight
  • Flying High!

Oxford plays a special role in ballooning history as the first ascent by an English man took place in the city. It was completed by daring pastry chef James Sadler in 1784.

Flying in Oxfordshire is a always special experience and one to remember for a lifetime! We guarantee that you will see Oxford from a whole new perspective!

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