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Man jumps from hot air balloon without parachute

Brave skydiver Antti Pendikainen recently took on and completed a challenge to jump from a hot air balloon without a parachute.

As the hot air balloon soared across the sky at 13,000 ft

, Pendikainen, who admits he is an 'extreme artist', threw his parachute over the side of the basket before leaping out himself. The daredevil, aged 25 from Finland, waited until the balloon was high above the clouds, so that he could perform his latest stunt wearing just shorts and goggles. Following a short period free falling, the skydiver joined a friend so that he could hitch a lift. Pendikainen said:

“I've always wanted to jump without a parachute, and now I’ve done it.”

According to the skydiver, he trained meticulously for a year so that he was extremely prepared for the stunt. He also said that he makes sure his trick is carefully controlled by going through each step of the performance in his head before actually carrying it out. A video of the stunt was posted on YouTube, and just 24 hours after the skydive had reached more than 100,000 views. He admitted that he had been carrying out stunts since he was a child, and that his next stunt will be even crazier and fun, as he never feels fear.

For many people, taking to the skies in a hot air balloon is a lifelong dream, often to celebrate a special occasion or event. Thankfully, no skydiving is required on a regular hot air balloon flight.

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