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Mesquite Balloon Festival prepares for lift off

Over 40 hot air balloons will take to the skies of Mesquite in Nevada on Saturday, as part of the Mesquite Balloon Festival. The festival will take place over the weekend, with entertainment and catering available for all visitors. The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater will be providing free shows throughout the weekend, and is one of the main highlights of the festival. First thing on Saturday 23rd January, the pilots of the balloons will be preparing to launch into the morning skies from the launch pad at CasaBlanca Resort-Casino. During this time, visitors are able to wander among the hot air balloons and chat to the pilots. At 7.30am, the first balloon, which is “Stars and stripes”, will be launched into the air, with the remainder taking pursuit shortly afterwards. Both the visitors and organisers of the festival will be holding their breath on the day, as last year's festival was cancelled due to high winds. As the weather can be unpredictable, if it becomes windy, the balloon festival will have to be cancelled. During the evening, visitors to the event will be treated to a balloon glow, as the inflated balloons are illuminated by their burners above the CasaBlanca Resort-Casino parking lot. The festival is free of charge to visitors. Hot air balloons are becoming increasingly popular, especially with those who want to experience the thrill of viewing the countryside from above. However, the weather plays an integral role in balloon flights, as pilots can't launch if the weather is inclement on the day of the flight.
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