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Minnesota woman celebrates 100 years with hot air balloon ride

A lively resident of Rochester in the US state of Minnesota has recently underlined the point that age should be no barrier when it comes to enjoying a balloon flight. Maxine Schultz celebrated her centenary by taking a specially arranged hot air balloon trip just a few days short of her 100th birthday. A large crowd of well-wishers gathered at Silver Lake Park in Rochester to witness the event last week, and were certainly not disappointed. Mrs Schultz reportedly threw herself into the activity. As she climbed aboard the balloon with Karen Grotberg, her daughter, she was heard to announce:
“I want to stand up and look out!"
Mrs Schultz was said to have enjoyed the sites of the Minnesota city during the excursion, which, however, came to a somewhat unexpected conclusion. While the balloon came down in an unplanned location, which can sometimes happen in ballooning, everyone emerged from the basket in great spirits, reporting they had thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Mrs Schulz described the experience of flying over her home town as tranquil and unforgettable, commenting:
“It’s just peaceful and quiet… I didn't know what to expect, really, but it was fantastic.”
Her daughter added:
"It's amazing. The scenery, the town, everything."
To anyone who may be wondering if Mrs Schultz has a secret to her longevity, she stated that keeping busy and trying to remain independent was a great help. Along with the hot air balloon ride, she was also due to spend time with family and friends at the weekend.
Hot Air Balloon Rides

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