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New Jersey art teacher rewarded with balloon flight

An art teacher at Deptford High School was finally rewarded for her assistance in the design of a t-shirt to honour the national night out of the town in New Jersey. Tina Davis experienced her balloon flight one year after she designed a t-shirt, with the help of her students. According to Davis, the design for the garment was focused on a variety of themes, including the services in the town and the community. Deptford had been where the first manned balloon flight had landed, back in 1793. Students Halle Redman and James Finch helped Davis to create a design that celebrated the community, the town and the hot air balloon. During the summer of 2015, 1,000 t-shirts were distributed during a number of events. The balloon flight took place at Pitman Police's Community Appreciation Day at Alcyon Park. Steve Moylan, retired Deptford Lt and co-pilot for First and Finest, said that the hot air balloon is used all over South Jersey to donate flights at various events. According to Moylan, it is the country's only police balloon, but the organisation wants the balloon to be a part of the community, rather than just the police. Davis has been invited to create a new design for 2016, with this year's theme being 50 years of service for the police department. Davis added that she was very excited to receive her balloon flight and had waited a year for the experience. It is possible to book a balloon flight so that you can enjoy an incredible experience without waiting for a year to pass.
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