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New world record attempt by trapeze artist 10,000ft in air

Anna Cochrane, a Pilates instructor from New Zealand attempted to break a world record for performing the highest trapeze act, all while being hung beneath a hot air balloon. The previous world record was 2,171ft, but Anna was suspended between 10,400 and 11,400ft when she performed her trapeze routine. The attempt took place on 14th February this year, although it could take up to a fortnight for it to be verified by officials. Two witnesses were aboard the hot air balloon, along with a safety rigger, the pilot, three skydivers and a camera crew. The attempt took place in New Zealand, and during an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Anna said that she had been practising on the trapeze for the last year, although for the last seven years she had been training in circus aerials. Although fitness wasn't an issue, the trapeze artist still had to work out a routine that would be suitable for height and could work around a lanyard that was securing her to the trapeze and a safety harness. Just one minute into the routine, Anna dislocated a rib, although she continued to perform the planned routine for another five minutes. Despite planning to skydive after the world record attempt, she had to decline due to her rib injury. Most people prefer to book a leisurely flight in a hot air balloon, flying in safety and staying within the basket. The attempt raised around $1,700 for a child mentoring programme, Big Brothers Big Sisters.
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