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New York estate agent uses hot air balloon to showcase property

An estate agent in Bedford, New York showcased a six bedroomed property from above, to present it in the best light to prospective buyers. Muffin Dowdle, from Ginnel Real Estate, is known for using innovative methods to catch the eye of buyers, but using a hot air balloon was a first. The experience will be aired in the US on NBC New York during the middle of June. Together with a camera man, Dowdle soared up into the sky on her first balloon flight. Although the estate agent was nervous as they reached the higher heights, she explained that the pilot helped calm her throughout the journey. Dowdle decided that a view from a hot air balloon would be the best way to show the house, which boasts 39.79 acres of beautiful scenery. She added that the view highlighted the 80-foot porch which leads onto expansive lawns, tennis court and swimming pool. In addition to the main house, which was built in 1929, there is more land and other properties included with the sale. The estate agent added that not all properties would benefit from this type of viewing, but she was looking forward to flying in a hot air balloon again to show a suitable home in a beneficial light to highlight its positive features. This is an unusual method of house hunting, but balloon flights are becoming increasingly popular with people in the UK, for a variety of purposes including special occasions.

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