Festival brings balloon races and bird displays to Nevada

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Dozens of balloons soared over the Virgin Valley in Nevada last weekend as part of the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival, with pilots from Arizona, California, Canada, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Utah and (more…)

Tourism and farming work together for balloon rides in Australia

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Hot Air Balloon Brisbane is uses local farms southwest of the Queensland city to launch flights enabling tourists to view the region from a birds-eye perspective, as well as see farmers benefiting financially in (more…)

Ballooning through the seasons: choosing a time of year to fly

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Hot air balloon trips require specific weather conditions to enable passengers to fly safely and enjoyably, and these are a lack of rain, light winds and excellent visibility. These conditions tend to be associated with high pressure weather systems and, in the British Isles, they are much more likely to occur in the summer than the winter. For this reason, there is (more…)

Hot air balloon party takes place in ideal weather despite storms

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The ‘Glitter and Glow Block Party’, a hot air balloon event held in Glendale, US, recently took place in superb weather conditions – despite the storms that have plagued many parts of (more…)

Hot air balloonist in line for international prize

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Richard Jaworski, a hot air balloon pilot from Blaine, Nebraska, is awaiting confirmation of an award from Swiss officials on his completion of a gruelling trial.

Jaworski set off on a flight from Aberdeen, US, in the early hours of the morning of the 2nd January. He completed his journey in (more…)

Space shuttle set to launch over NZ

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The 16th Wairarapa Balloon Fiesta, New Zealand, will witness its first ever ‘space shuttle’ hot air balloon launch. Known as “Patriot”, the enormous replica – which stands at 54m and weighs 449 kilograms – has never before been seen (more…)