Give your eyes a feast by flying over Bath in a hot air balloon

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Bath is one of the most awe-inspiring places in UK, if not the world, which is probably why the whole city has been a World Heritage Site since (more…)

Russian adventurer challenges ballooning record

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Fedor Konyukhov from Russia has set the target of going around the globe on a balloon in under 14 days.

Mr. Konyukhov has decided to have his balloon built in (more…)

Explore the natural wonders of Bristol with a hot air balloon ride

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Hot air balloons and Bristol will always be inextricably linked. Not only was Bristol home to the first ever modern hot air balloon in Britain, the Bristol Belle, but it is also home to one of the world’s best known (more…)

Thrilling wing walk undertaken by retired soldier

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Having experienced hot air balloon flights in the past, a retired grenadier has raised money for two charities with a wing walk.

Colin Francis had gained experience of being in the air from (more…)

Three Somerset landmarks to see from the sky

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Somerset is a county located in the South West of England. It is often referred to as The Land of Summer People, which is hardly surprising because the county is filled with glorious sandy beaches, seaside resorts and (more…)

Out-of-this-world balloon trip and Keanu Reeves feature in Christmas catalogue

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The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue, which is famed for offering high-end gifts for the super rich, has been released, and features a range of fabulous gifts including a bike tour with actor Keanu Reeves and a balloon ride to the edge of space.

For $150,000 (£97,000), the Matrix star can be “bought” for a two-day bike tour around California on a 121 Bhp KRGT-1 motorcycle, which he co-designed.

The buyer and a guest will get to stay at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, before having breakfast with the actor and embarking on a tour through the area’s mountains and national parks.

What’s more, the buyer will get to keep the bike, which is a replica of Reeves’ personal model. The 51-year-old said:

“For Neiman Marcus, we added performance enhancements, so it’s got a sportier frame, engine and suspension.”

As exciting as that is, many people may opt for what is as close to the ultimate adventure as most people could hope for: a trip to the very edge of the Earth’s atmosphere in a hot air balloon.

Costing a slightly more affordable $90,000 (£59,000) per person, an intrepid group of six passengers will be taken to more than 100,000 feet above the ground.
Neiman Marcus is famed for its extravagant gifts, and this year’s include a guitar designed by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top for $30,000 (£20,000) and a special edition Mustang for $95,000 (£62,000).

As pricey as these may be, they aren’t the most expensive items that Neiman Marcus has ever sold. That honour belongs to a $20million (£13million) submarine and a $35million (£22.8million) Boeing jet.

Explore Surrey’s best scenery in a unique way

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Surrey may not be the first place you thing about when planning an hot air balloon trip in the UK, but it is a very underrated county with lots of unique landmarks and beautiful stretches of nature. These are ideal from viewing as you float along in a hot air balloon basket.

Here are just some of the interesting and impressive things you might get to see on a hot air balloon ride through Surrey:

Leith Hill

The top of Leith Hill is the highest point in the south east of England, so if you cannot climb to its peak, why not take a hot air balloon ride over the top? If you do so, you will not only have a great view of the hill, but you will also be able to look out over Surrey, Central London and the coast, providing your eyes with a veritable feast.

Richmond Park

Animal lovers should cross their fingers that they get to fly over Richmond Park, which is home a large population of fallow and red deer, which roam freely in the grounds. They will not be scared off by a silent hot air balloon floating above, allowing passengers to observe them at leisure.


History buffs will be delighted if they get the opportunity to flu over Runnymede, which is the sight where the Magna Carta was signed back in the 13th century.

The Devil’s Punch Bowl

Dramatic scenery awaits you at the Devil’s Punch Bowl – an outstanding area comprising of a natural amphitheatre of stone, which you will be able to look right down into from above.

Waverley Abbey

The ruins of Waverley Abbey look magic at the right times of day, particularly dusk and dawn, when they take on a slightly ethereal glow and a certain air of romance, which makes them well worth the trip.

Balloon ride aims to be a hit on “slow television”

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An experimental type of television programme, which is to feature a hot air balloon flight, has been so successful that a radio station has decided to try to copy it.

The Go Slow Season was originally broadcast on BBC4 and it seems to have been popular with the audience. It has been revealed that one of the programmes in the new season will consist of a hot air balloon flight. The first season has inspired Alan Davey, the boss of Radio 3, to try slow radio out for size. Mr. Davey has told The Independent:

“It doesn’t matter how long a full-length drama is, it doesn’t have to be 45 minutes or 90 minutes, it takes as long as it takes. We’ll give music time to breathe and audiences the space to take it all in.”

The concept of slow television has been reported as having Norwegian roots. Over five years ago, a Nordic channel had success with a programme concerning a railway journey without a break. The show was in excess of seven hours in length.

The experimentation with the idea in the UK also included looking at various activities. These included the likes of glassblowing and a canal trip. The prospect of a programme about a balloon trip can be seen as a natural extension of focusing on these relaxing activities.

The slow movement seems to have captured the imagination of people in the media like Mr. Davey. He has already implemented an eight hour project called Sleep, with the assistance of modern composer Max Richter.

Balloon ride wish for cystic fibrosis patient

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A seriously ill young woman who has included a hot air balloon ride as one of the items on her “bucket list”.

Sonny Lang is suffering with cystic fibrosis to cope with, and said that she would like to go on a hot air balloon ride after having her request for an organ donation rejected by doctors. Anna, her mother, has said:

“Sonny was the youngest cystic fibrosis patient ever to get a heart and lung transplant and there was a lot of buzz around it at the time. Doctors told us to be careful as it could fail at any time during the first year but they also said she would only survive for a maximum of to ten years.”

Ms. Lang has not let her illness define her because as well as wanting to enjoy ballooning, she has expressed the intention of helping in elephant conservation. She has also said that she wants to be a spectator at WWE wrestling event in Leeds, but the location of the possible balloon trip has not been disclosed.

The 22-year-old has also stated that she would like to take driving lessons and drive a car. In addition, she has the aspiration of going to Florida. Finally, she has said that she would like to have a session with a make-up artist.

Her mother has said that her daughter’s positive attitude and setting goals for herself has been beneficial to her health.