Three sights and smells of Berkshire to enjoy from above

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The county of Berkshire, location in the south east of England, is a beautiful area covering over 1,200 square kilometers, and (more…)

Mesquite Balloon Festival prepares for lift off

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Over 40 hot air balloons will take to the skies of Mesquite in Nevada on Saturday, as part of the (more…)

How ballooning lets you see London from a different angle

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A famous city all over the world, London welcomes droves of tourists every year, and its fascinating sights are well known. Covering such a vast expanse, what better way to check out the UK capital than by gliding overhead on a hot air balloon ride?

Centuries of ballooning brilliance

The pioneers of the ballooning world first flew through the skies of London over 200 years ago, and their success and the ever-growing interest in taking hot air balloon rides means people are still enjoying a similar experience, and even some of the same landmarks that were around a couple of centuries ago.

London thrill-seekers simply take their place in the wicker basket, which is designed for passengers wishing to take to the skies with the help of a material balloon shape that is filled with hot air. The heated air creates buoyancy that lifts the basket and its passengers up into the air, providing a much better viewing platform of the area below.

Sights for your checklist

As you soar over the city, you may spot Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, as well as the Houses of Parliament. Football fans may be keen to check out the football ground of popular teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotsput, while others simply want to enjoy the ambience and experience that a hot air balloon ride can bring.

Flight times can vary, and are always dependent on the prevailing weather conditions. Taking a balloon flight over London means that there can be Air Traffic restrictions in place at certain times of the year.

When considering a hot air balloon flight, think about the time of day you will be set off, factor in what you may need to take and wear clothes that suit the weather conditions. Taking the time to prepare means that once you take off, you can relax and enjoy the experience.

A brief guide to ballooning across Hertfordshire

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There are various modes of travel you can choose if you want to take in the sights of Hertfordshire. The county is (more…)

Hot air balloon used by 19th century artist

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A painting completed by an Oxford born artist is due to be sold at auction on Friday 22nd January, by Charterhouse in Sherborne.

The painting is an aerial view of Oxford, completed whilst in a hot air balloon to ensure (more…)

Could an Oxford hot air balloon trip bring out the artist in you?

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Aviation fans who are handy with a paintbrush will be interested to know that a painting depicting an (more…)

German hot air balloon enthusiast wins Gold medal

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A Gold medal was recently presented to David Strasmann of Germany, for his recent success during the FAI World Air Games.

Strasmann was awarded the medal after beating stiff competition in (more…)

Balloon festival to draw visitors to Southport

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A hot air balloon festival is among the events being organised to draw more visitors to Southport in 2016.

The town has a number of events already lined up for the year, as part of (more…)