Hot air balloon enthusiast travels the world Disney style

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Fans of Disney movies may want to keep a look out for a balloon which is a replica of the one from (more…)

Up, up and away

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The East Anglian county of Cambridgeshire is rich with both historic and natural splendour, and spanning over 3,000 square kilometres, it can take a while to explore the sights, sounds it has to offer.

An exciting and increasingly popular mode of transport when sightseeing is (more…)

How to prepare to take to the skies

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There are various methods of transport you could use if you wish to explore an area such as Buckinghamshire, the more common choices being by car, train or by foot.

Another slightly less common, but very exhilarating, mode of transport that will enable you to soar through the sky and soak up your surrounding sights and sounds would be (more…)

British balloon enthusiast smashes World Record

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Andrew Holly, from Bristol, has recently completed a challenge, successfully flying over 48 US states in 33 days, breaking the current record of (more…)

South Carolina school welcomes hot air balloon to assembly

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A school in Fort Mill, South Carolina, had an unusual assembly recently, featuring a hot air balloon.

Lee Teitsworth travelled to (more…)

New world record attempt by trapeze artist 10,000ft in air

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Anna Cochrane, a Pilates instructor from New Zealand attempted to break a world record for performing the highest trapeze act, all while being hung beneath (more…)

Soar over the beauty of Bath

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Nestled into the southwest of the country, the beautiful city of Bath is a combination of architectural beauty and stunning rolling countryside. (more…)

Letter posted from France during 19th century is found in Australia

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A letter that was posted in Paris during the 19th century has puzzled historians, as they try to work out why it eventually ended up in Australia.

The letter had been sent in a hot air balloon in either 1870 or (more…)