Norfolk from above: what is there to see?

Norfolk is located in the east of England and is one of the counties that make up East Anglia. It is home to some of the most well-known landmarks in the country, which makes the area the perfect destination to take a hot air balloon trip.

There is plenty to see in Norfolk, with many people taking a hot air balloon trip within the city of Norwich. Most people will search for its famous landmarks, such as Norwich City FC’s Carrow Road stadium and Norwich Castle. However, there are plenty of other sights to keep an eye out for.

Norwich Cathedral

The cathedral in Norwich is one of the most spectacular and recognisable buildings in the city. It has origins that date back as far as 1096 and is listed as a Grade I building. The spire is the second largest in the country, measuring up at 315 feet, or 96 metres, so can definitely be spotted from the basket during a flight over the city.

River Wensum

The River Wensum stems off from the River Yare in Norwich and weaves all around the county from its source near the small village of Whissonsett in the north. The river is so vast that it is bound to be spotted from a hot air balloon flight within Norfolk. There are many watermills over the course of this waterway as well, with woodland areas bringing out its natural beauty.


On a clear day, your flight may move in a direction that will give you a glimpse of the coast. Norfolk’s coastline backs up onto the North Sea and is known to have some of the best beaches in the country, with Great Yarmouth being located in the county. Having the sea as a backdrop in some of your photos is a big bonus when drifting over this lovely county.

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