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Pennsylvania town plays host to newly named balloon event

Having run twice in the last four years, Friday saw the launch of eight hot air balloons into the skies of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, to mark the return of a summer festival. Taking off from Green Cove Gardens, the rebranded Summer Sky Festival is now planned to become an annual occurrence. Previously called the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Cynthia Fowler, the event’s manager, was said to be expecting up to 12,000 visitors during the event, which ran until Sunday. It was a family occasion for many, including Jen Costello and her two aunts, whom she had come to visit from her home in New Jersey. One aunt had been to the hot air balloon festival previously, with the aim of the gathering stated as specifically to see the event take place. Costello added:
"I've never seen hot air balloons, never. This is the first time. I love them. I think it's awesome. I love watching them from start to finish."
The festival was full of special sights and flights for a number of people, with the availability of hot air balloon rides or the option to go up in a tethered balloon. Fowler mentioned that a couple who had just been married would be taking a balloon ride on Saturday and during Friday’s events a 95-year-old lady took to the sky. There were plenty of other attractions to see, ranging from inflatables to craft vendors and musical entertainment, with the organisers hoping that the event could be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages, with something for everyone.
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