Rides to be available at upcoming balloon festival

At Tiverton in Devon this July, members of the public will have a chance to experience lifting off and floating high into the sky.

One of the companies that will be taking part in this year’s Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival has decided to offer members of the public the chance to enjoy hot air balloon rides.

At most festivals tethered rides are available, but the ascents are not usually open to everyone.

The festival is to be held at the Petroc Campus and Tiverton High School grounds on Bolham Road. To date, 30 hot air balloons have confirmed that they will attend, and they will take to the skies five times during the festival.

There will also be entertainment in the evenings, when the balloons will take part in a glow event, and there will also be lanterns and fire jugglers. The main music stage will open at 13.30 on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th and at 16.30 on Friday 10th.

Bands from across the world will be performing at the festival. There will be a second music stage, but the start time for performances in that area is yet to be confirmed. The City of Exeter Pipers Drum Band will also entertain the crowds.

Other attractions include falconry displays and the Devon Food Festival. Once again, money will be raised for local charities, clubs, and associations. In 2014, £8,000 was raised, bringing the total raised in the four years that the festival has been run to £33,650.

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