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Russian adventurer challenges ballooning record

Fedor Konyukhov from Russia has set the target of going around the globe on a balloon in under 14 days. Mr. Konyukhov has decided to have his balloon built in Bristol, and a team of balloon specialists has recently begun the construction process. The 64-year-old plans to take off from Northam, a location in Australia, and has scheduled his record attempt for summer 2016. The current record for a balloon flight around the world was established about 13 years ago. American entrepreneur Steve Fossett made great time on his journey, dipping under the 15-day barrier. This was a remarkable achievement for non-stop flight, but Mr. Konyukhov believes that he can surpass it thanks to recent technological innovations in ballooning. It has been revealed that the overall design of the balloon for the journey of Mr. Konyukhov will not be too different from the equipment used by Mr. Fossett. However, it has been reported that modern materials and up-to-date tech will be used to give the attempt a chance to achieve his goal. The gondola will have to carry an important load; this will include technical equipment like control systems, navigational features and communication instruments. In addition, the gondola will have to house oxygen, food and water to ensure Mr. Konyukhov can survive the ordeal. He will have the opportunity to rest in a special sleeping bunk. There will also be plenty of safety equipment on board. This will include a first aid pack and specific items for an emergency.
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