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Russian explorer to travel the world in a hot air balloon

A well known adventurer from Russia is planning to travel around the world in a hot air balloon, without stopping. Fedor Konyukhov visited Bristol in 2014, along with his son Oscar, to meet with a balloon manufacturer who will build a tailor made gondola ready for his journey. Cameron Balloons will build a Roziere 550 so that Fedor can embark on his journey. The balloon will be filled with helium, launched from Northam in Australia between May and September next year, when the weather will be suitable for such an adventure. In the gondola will be navigation and communication equipment, oxygen supplies, the control system for the balloon, water and food supplies, a sleeping bunk, clothing, first aid and emergency treatment supplies. The gondola will be flown using a balloon which is filled with a combination of hot air and helium. In 2002, a similar flight was made by the late American adventurer Steve Fossett, who completed the journey from Northam just short of 15 days. Towards the end of 2015, Fedor and his son will visit Cameron Balloons to check on progress and undertake some training in preparation for the journey. Fedor has carried out other expeditions, including a polar expedition, climbing some of the highest mountains and rowing across the Pacific Ocean in a row boat, taking 160 days. Although this will be an impressive feat, many people are happy to book a regular hot air balloon flight, which is enjoyable without the danger.
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