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Setting your sights on South Somerset's skies

A lot of people enjoy the relaxing nature of a hot air balloon ride, as the feeling of gliding through the sky at a leisurely pace with nothing but picturesque views below them is a very appealing prospect. As such, people often set their sights on Somerset as a potential location for a hot air balloon flight, due to its warm climate and calming atmosphere. Some residents even believe that the county’s name comes from Old English and translates to ‘settlers by the sea lakes’, one of the reasons why the area is so popular in the summer time.

A peaceful haven

Those who love the great outdoors often head down to the county, as South Somerset is filled with rural green land and charming parishes. The area is bursting with small villages and towns, with Yeovil being the largest. The nature of these settlements make for great viewing from the skies, as it can seem like there are a few villages hidden amongst the hills and the countryside. This makes hot air ballooning popular in this area, as there is that feeling of intimacy that you wouldn’t get in busier parts of the country.

What to see when you’re in the sky

There is plenty to look at from the basket of a hot air balloon, from the nature reserve at Chard Reservoir to the Mendip Hills. Bird watching is also an enjoyable experience from the sky, as so many different avian species soar through the countryside, so be sure to pack your binoculars.

Enjoying South Somerset after your flight

South Somerset also has a lot to offer after your hot air balloon flight has finished. There are a number of dainty little pubs, where you can enjoy a Somerset cider and the end of a warm summer’s day.

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