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Sightseeing from the skies above Gloucestershire

There are various modes of transport to consider when exploring the sights and sounds of your surroundings. The commonest way to do this is by foot, car or even train if covering a wider area. Some of the popular tourist cities have an open-top bus sightseeing route you can choose to take, but what if you want to see things from a different angle? Hot air balloon rides are growing in popularity, as by lifting those participating up, up and away, they provide a unique vantage point, and a great way to soak up your surroundings in a unique and exciting way. If you were planning on exploring Gloucestershire, a hot air balloon ride would mean that you could cover a greater area and view more of what it has to offer.

History above all

Coasting over Gloucester, you would see the stunning Gloucester Cathedral, which dates back to around 900 years ago, and acts as a centre point for the city. The Cathedral is famously known as a location used within the Harry Potter series of films. It was built during Norman times, and is a truly beautiful piece of architecture.

Tree-mendous sights

Neighbouring Gloucester is the Forest of Dean, which offers great views of beautiful scenery, including woodland that brims with wildlife and nature. A hot air balloon ride would be a great way to see the forests from above.

The Heart of England

Also forming part of Gloucestershire, is the Cotswolds, which is often affectionately referred to as the Heart of England. Tourists visit to enjoy the architectural beauty of the buildings, with their roofs that are steeply pitched and mainly built using local limestone. Renowned for its contrasting sleepy village effect, and bustling market towns, taking to the skies in a hot air balloon would mean that you could check out the rolling landscape from a different perspective to being on the ground. The time of your take off will very much be dependent on the prevailing weather conditions, as the pilot will want to ensure that all those joining the ride get the most out of the experience. You can take steps yourself to maximise what you get out of your hot air balloon ride by wearing clothes that complement the weather, taking a snack for the journey and packing a camera to take pictures.

Double your Gloucestershire enjoyment

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to leisurely survey your surroundings, and absorb the wonder and beauty of our cities and countryside, and the beautiful county of Gloucestershire ticks every box.

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