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Skydivers recreate playground days 6,000ft in the air

Four fearless skydivers revisited their childhood days in the playground, as they jumped from a hot air balloon to take a ride on the biggest swing in the world. The Mega Swing consists of a small seat which is suspended from a 500ft long rope, tethered between two hot air balloons soaring at 6,000 feet. The stunt was performed by Marco Waltenspiel, along with Georg Lettner, Dominic Roithmair and Marco Furst. The skydivers had a parachute on their back, and left a trail of red smoke from their ankles as they performed the stunt. They sat on the swing and then pushed themselves off from the hot air balloon, falling hundreds of feet before finally ascending towards the second balloon. The stunt, performed by the Red Bull Skydive team, was inspired by their experiences as children, playing on the playground swings. The stunt ends when the skydivers leap off the swing and freefall until they open their parachutes. According to Lettner, the stunt is everyone's dream of being able to fly higher and higher, before jumping off and flying. The idea was thought up by Roithmair, who described the experience as being 'unlike any other'. The group of skydivers end the stunt by landing safely on the ground, just as the sun begins to go down. Although the experience may be unforgettable, many people would prefer to be within the safe confines of a hot air balloon, experiencing the spectacular sights high above the ground.
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