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Soaring over the skies of Suffolk

The county of Suffolk is located in the east of England, and offers visitors to the area a delightful contrast of rural and urban backdrops. Many people choose to view the delights of the East Anglian region from above by booking a hot air balloon ride.

The town of Eye

Close to one of our take-off points in Suffolk is the small market town of Eye. This community is located in the north of the county and is situated 17 miles away from its largest town, Ipswich. Eye is a tranquil and peaceful place that offers those drifting over glimpses of many types of landscape. The River Dove can be seen from above the town, with many boats and wildlife making for a picturesque setting. As well as this, there is the Pennings Nature Reserve, which offers woodland and rural settings as a contrast to the small urban town that is just down the road.

Eye Castle

The town of Eye is also home to the remains of a medieval castle, which was built during the reign of William I. Located on top of a hill to easily see oncoming invaders, the castle is now a sight to behold from above, and is usually one of the most noticeable.

Church of St Peter and St Paul

One of the most recognisable buildings in this area is the Church of St Peter and St Paul, also located in the town of Eye. This building has origins that date back to the 13th Century. It is considered to be one of the finest churches in the whole country, since its restoration in 1868. Suffolk is a beautiful county and can give those taking a hot air balloon ride through its skies a fantastic day, what with its many picturesque settings and historical landmarks.

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