South Carolina school welcomes hot air balloon to assembly

A school in Fort Mill, South Carolina, had an unusual assembly recently, featuring a hot air balloon.

Lee Teitsworth travelled to Fort Mill Elementary School in his hot air balloon, hoping to create interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Teachers, parents and administrators were on hand to help Teitsworth launch the balloon, demonstrating how each of the subjects is crucial for a range of activities, including a hot air balloon flight.

Teitsworth stated that maths and science are both necessary subjects for a balloon pilot, as they are required to check the temperature, pressure and weather forecast before the balloon can take flight. He added that getting the answer wrong wasn’t an option for a balloon pilot as a balloon can’t stop or change direction instantly.

Teitsworth was born into a family of balloon enthusiasts and first took control of a balloon at the age of 11. His first flight had been at the age of 6 months. The balloon was part of an educational programme for STEM, focusing on aviation and history. The families of the students were invited to the school to see the balloon and learn more about their children’s studies. As most of the pupils will never have seen a hot air balloon up close previously, the assembly will have been one that the students wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

More people are booking hot air balloon flights now than previously, often to celebrate a special or memorable occasion.

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