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Surprise your partner with a romantic balloon ride in Herefordshire

If you are looking for a unique way to show your love and appreciation to your partner in Herefordshire, there can be few better than surprising them with a romantic hot air balloon ride across the county. Hot air balloons have a long history as being one of the most romantic modes of transport around. This is probably because they are so gentle and graceful, allowing you to fully linger over the landscape below, drinking it in in all of its glory with one another.

Plotting a romantic ride

It is always much more exciting to surprise your partner with a romantic balloon ride in the UK. If the person being treated to a trip has no idea what is about to happen next, it can make the occasion that much more special. Just subtly find out if they are OK with heights beforehand!

Spring and summer

The warmer months are better for taking a balloon journey than at other times of the year. Not only is the weather likely to be more favourable for a romantic ride, but the Herefordshire countryside will also be looking more spectacular. During summer and spring, the flora and fauna will be in full bloom, which is why we suggest booking a flight during these seasons, if possible. We also find that evening balloon rides are popular with couples, especially as the dusk light can make the Herefordshire countryside look even more spectacular than it does during the daytime.

What to see?

Some of the most romantic sights you can look out for as you soar through the Herefordshire sky include: • Hereford Cathedral • Hampton Court Castle and Gardens • Eastnor Castle • Edvin Loach Old Church

Finish with champagne

To ensure that your romantic balloon ride is as perfect as can be, be sure to order champagne as part of your package. This will add some extra sparkle to the day, making it even more unforgettable.
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