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Taking a balloon flight in Northumberland

Hot air balloon flights are proving increasingly popular in the UK, as they offer the chance to see the land from a different perspective and can show people how picturesque the country really is. Many locations for balloon rides offer a blend of rural and urban settings, which make for the perfect backdrop when coasting through the sky. Northumberland is the northernmost county in England, with Scotland directly to the north. Its east side meets the North Sea, with the county boasting a coastline that stretches for around 64 miles. However, what can be seen on a hot air balloon flight over this area?

Alnwick Castle

With the county being nestled on the Scottish border and being on the coastline, it is no surprise that this area has seen many battles over its time, some of which included the Vikings, who crossed the North Sea into the county. As a result of these attempted invasions, Alnwick Castle was built to protect the people of its town. In fact, the county has the most castles in its borders in the whole country, with Dunstanburgh, Newcastle, Bamburgh and Warkworth castles all being located in the region. Depending on the direction of your flight, you may be lucky enough to spot one or two of these landmarks.


Morpeth is the county town of Northumberland and is situated on the River Wansbeck. The town contains many historical landmarks that can be seen from balloon flights, including Morpeth Chantry, St George's Church and Telford Bridge. This, combined with the more modern aspects of the town, give hot air balloonists the perfect blend of modern and contemporary architecture. Throwing in its more natural areas, including Northumberland’s parks and the river, makes the region a lovely location to fly over, while allowing those drifting over to take some great photos.

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