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Texas welcomes spectacular balloon festival

The South Texas Balloon Festival is due to take place on 19th November this year at the Livestock Show Grounds, where balloons will take to the skies at dawn. The event will last for three days, with over 20 balloons taking to the skies first thing in the morning and again as the sun goes down. The founder of the festival is Claudia Corral, who decided to launch the event around 10 years ago, when she realised that a similar event had never been held in Rio Grande Valley, where she lived. Corral travelled around the US, searching for a place where the event could be held, and a city that would be prepared to host the festival. Mercedes was the only city which agreed to be host to the three-day festival and Corral is hoping that the event will become as big as the Plano Balloon Festival. According to Corral, Plano has around 40 balloons each year. She added that a balloon festival would benefit the local economy, attracting visitors to boost the economy. Corral said: “There's people who travel all over the world that look for balloon festivals. I have a team from New Jersey as volunteers just because it's a family hobby to help out at balloon festivals.” Visitors can enjoy hot air balloon rides at the festival, in addition to a carnival and side shows for families to enjoy. On the first day of the event, there will be an educational session for local schools.
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