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The top 5 unique Christmas gifts for couples in Bristol

Whether you are looking for an interesting gift to give your other half, instead of the usual perfume and chocolates, this Christmas, or you are looking for a unique gift to give a couple you are close to, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 unique Christmas gifts for couples in Bristol. Read on to get inspired: Hot air balloon rides Hot air balloon rides in Bristol are a common occurrence, during hot air balloon season, which typically runs from March to October. If you’re part of, or know an adventurous couple, who love Bristol and want to explore it on style, this is the best possible Christmas gift for you. Romantic, exciting and unique, a hot air balloon flight in Bristol is a gift that will never be forgotten. Skydiving When it comes to Christmas presents, it doesn’t get much more adventurous than giving the gift of a skydiving experience. Of course, it takes a certain kind of couple to appreciate such an adrenaline pumping experience, but if you know a couple of full-on daredevils, we’re betting they’ll be absolutely thrilled with a skydiving voucher on Christmas morning. A Museum trip If skydiving is a bit too much for the couple you’re buying for, perhaps a trip to one of the many great local museums in Bristol would be a better bet. More interesting than aftershave or a book, a trip to the Bristol Museum and Art gallery or Bristol Castle House Museum will inform, entertain and excite curious couples in the city. Photography classes Know an arty couple? Want to buy them a Christmas present they’ll truly appreciate? You can’t go wrong with booking them an evening photography city tour, where they will learn how to shoot Bristol’s most famous landmarks under cover of night, when everything is more magical, perfect shots are easier to come by, and romance as well as art is in the air. Paintballing vouchers This one most certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you know a couple who are competitive and enjoy being outdoors, a paintballing experience can be fun. We can almost guarantee that the recipients, will not be expecting such an exciting, fun Christmas present this year. So there you have it: proof that Christmas presents in Bristol, for couples, don’t have to be boring!
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