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Things to see when hot air ballooning in Hampshire

Hot air balloon rides present everyone with the opportunity to see parts of the country that they would not usually see in a way they would not normally be able to do so. The very fact that hot air balloons are high up, sedate and slightly unpredictable in terms of the route they will take, means that they make for a very unique experience. One of the most popular places to take hot air balloon rides in the UK is currently Hampshire. This is not in the least surprising because there are so many wonderful things to see when soaring through the skies of this fine county. Here are just a few sights you could be treated to on a hot air balloon ride in Hampshire:


If you are very lucky and the wind carries you in the right direction, you may take a flight right over the skies of Chawton, the village which was once the home to the great romantic novelist Jane Austen. You will be able to see a glimpse of the scenery that inspired her work, and perhaps be inspired yourself.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral is one of the greatest examples of Gothic architecture in the world, and it looks even more spectacular from above than it does on the ground.

Pamber Forest

Nature lovers should have their fingers crossed that they will fly over this ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’. The Forest’s 478 acres of land is home to more than 40 species of butterfly, as well as ancient oak trees and wild flowers.

Mottisfont Abbey

Mottisfont Abbey is a must-see for lovers of history and nature. This once medieval priory is surrounded by trees almost as old as it is, as well as bubbling brooks, manicured lawns and all manner or antiques.

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