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Thrilling wing walk undertaken by retired soldier

Having experienced hot air balloon flights in the past, a retired grenadier has raised money for two charities with a wing walk. Colin Francis had gained experience of being in the air from hot air balloon rides and parachute jumps prior to his latest adventure. The 78-year-old, who is from Farnborough, has raised over £2,000 by walking along the wing of an aeroplane that was speeding along at 500 feet above the ground. Mr. Francis donated some of the cash to a Colonel’s Fund for the Grenadier Guards, and is a welfare officer for the Surrey and East Hampshire branch of the Grenadier Guards Association, which helps to care for injured soldiers, and supports their families. He told Get Hampshire:
“I just wanted to raise a bit of awareness, we look after Grenadiers up to the present day. If a Grenadier loses any limbs we make sure they are properly looked after and recover from operations, and help fund wheelchairs.”
A portion of the money raised was also donated to Alzheimer’s UK. Mr. Francis has expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone who backed him or contributed to his good causes and explained how this was his first ever fundraising experience. The ex-soldier has seen active service for 14 years, spread across Northern Ireland and Cameroon. However, he still does not feel that he has done quite enough. He has said that he would like to undertake another wing walk when he is 80.
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