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The East Anglian county of Cambridgeshire is rich with both historic and natural splendour, and spanning over 3,000 square kilometres, it can take a while to explore the sights, sounds it has to offer. An exciting and increasingly popular mode of transport when sightseeing is a hot air balloon. More and more people are choosing to go up, up and away and take to the skies to explore their surroundings. The county is home to a number of historic houses such as Anglesey Abbey and the Wimpole estate, as both feature stunning gardens. Floating overhead, a balloon trip will give you a unique aerial view of the architecture, and enable you to soak up the beauty of the gardens. Also keep your eyes peeled for Cambridge University Botanic Gardens as you survey the grounds below. They have been open since 1846, and have been a source of inspiration for many gardeners. Filled with a variety of wildlife, and adorned in a spectrum of colours, they really are a sight to behold. Make sure that you remember your camera, so that you can take pictures to remind you of the day. The stunning Cambridge skyline is like a postcard, with its patchwork fields and Kings College Chapel which dates back to 1446, when the foundations were laid by the King at that time, Henry VI. By seeking out a panoramic view of your surroundings by choosing a hot air balloon flight, you will cover more ground, more quickly and get to enjoy an experience that is so very different to exploring at ground level. A hot air balloon flight across Cambridgeshire is the perfect way to gain an insight into what the county has to offer. Whether you want to use the trip to gain a better understanding of the area, or simply to relax and enjoy the ambience that accompanies a hot air balloon ride, there really is something for everyone. It may be that the trip is to celebrate a recent graduation, an engagement or an important milestone birthday. Whatever the occasion, a hot air balloon ride will certainly mean it is not forgotten quickly. Remember to factor in the time of your flight and dress according to the prevailing weather conditions. By making sure that you are prepared prior to take off will ensure that you maximise every moment of the trip.

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