Wellingborough Balloon Festival attended by thousands

The first ever Wellingborough Balloon Festival (WBF) was recently held over a weekend, attracting a crowd of thousands.

On the Saturday evening of the festival, several hot air balloons flew over Northamptonshire, with a few of them landing in Kettering. Steph Roberts was in charge of communications for the WBF, and said:

“We are absolutely delighted with the great feedback that has been sent in, alongside the many photographs and video footage.”

Ms. Roberts has said that the event will be held in 2016. She has requested feedback from those who attended the festival so that the organisers can improve on what was on offer this year, and in doing so, expressed her gratitude to the pilots who took charge of the balloons.

After the flight on Saturday, there was another one on Sunday. However, on this occasion only six balloons participated. This trip started with the balloons heading above Kingsthorpe and Overstone, and following a trip over Northampton, they landed in the vicinity of a canal at Bugbroke.

The weather was not perfect for flying. As a result, Ms. Roberts has said that it was fortunate that so much activity took place. Event organiser Richard Garvie has stressed how positive the feedback from the first day of the event was.

A charity called Chelsea’s Angels managed to raise money from the event. As well as getting over £300, the charity boosted awareness of their work in relation to childhood cancers. Michelle Tomkins from the organisation used social media to highlight what had been achieved.

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