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What can be seen from the skies of Leicestershire?

In the centre of the country you will find the county of Leicestershire, which is in the East Midlands and has a lot to offer those wanting to take a hot air balloon ride in the area. This is because there is plenty to gaze upon while up in the air, from urban landmarks to picturesque rural settings. As such, you will easily find something to please everyone. However, exactly what can you see on your flight?


Leicester is the most densely populated city in the region, with the county taking its name from this settlement. This means that people who drift over Leicester can see the wonders of an urban city, without the everyday hustle and bustle. For example, Leicester Cathedral can be easily seen from above, with the spire of this spectacular gothic building standing at 220 feet tall, so you’ll definitely get a clear view from the basket.


Ashby is a smaller town located in the north west of the county. It has a canal that runs through its more rural areas, which connects to the Coventry canal. The main landmark that people look out for in this area is Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle. The ruins are listed as a Grade I building and have scheduled ancient monument status, meaning that the site is under the protection of English Heritage. Its origins date back to the Norman period, around the 12th Century. It is surrounded by many gardens, which makes it both a colourful and interesting place to view from a great height. It is locations such as these that make hot air balloon rides over Leicestershire very desirable, providing plenty of landmarks for people to keep their eye out for as they casually drift through the sky. Many people find that their flights are very relaxed and enjoyable experiences, which encourages them to visit the area again.

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