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What can you expect to see when ballooning over Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the second most populous city in the northern country. This means that there is plenty to set your sights on from the ground and from the skies. As one of the largest cities around, the only opportunity you would get to appreciate it all at once would be from above, making hot air balloon rides in Edinburgh a popular choice. So, what can you look forward to seeing on your flight over the city?

Edinburgh City Centre

The skyline of Edinburgh is quite magnificent to behold, with many different buildings and structures to spot and name, such as Murrayfield Stadium. As well as these modern buildings, some of the more historical landmarks can also be seen and appreciated from above. Edinburgh Castle stands tall on Castle Rock, making it one of the most dominating and defining buildings in the city’s skyline. As well as these spectacular buildings, the city has two cathedrals for people to keep an eye out for. There is St. Giles' Cathedral, which is located around the corner from the Castle. It was founded in the 12th Century and can be identified by its defining crown steeple. St Mary’s Cathedral stands on the other site of the Castle and was built in the 19th Century. Both are fantastic to view from a hot air balloon.

Pentland Hills

As well as catching glimpses of the city centre and its landmarks, there are plenty of other wonderful things to cast your eye over on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Pentland Hills are to the south west of the capital and offer a spectacular view for those lucky enough to drift over them. Its 20-mile range takes it from Edinburgh to Upper Clydesdale, with the highest peak being Scald Law, at 1,900 feet. The area also contains a number of reservoirs that enhance its natural beauty.

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