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What can you see when flying over Buckinghamshire?

Taking a hot air balloon ride in Buckinghamshire will allow you to understand why this area has a lot to offer visitors and residents. The southern county is one of the most perfect locations to contrast the differences between urban and rural Britain, so it may help to look at the following for inspiration:

A glimpse of modernity

While there are many small towns such as Buckingham and High Wycombe to float over, most Buckinghamshire hot air balloon flights drift over Milton Keynes, which shows off urbanisation at its best. The town, which is home to around 30,000 people, was designed in a fashion that would allow it to evolve into a city easily, with those who take to the skies over Milton Keynes being able to see its grid-like design that is typical of large American settlements. As with a lot of big urban areas, there is plenty to see and by viewing it from above, you will gain a different perspective on city life.

Picturesque rural scenery

Depending on the wind during your flight, those lucky enough to be taking a hot air balloon ride through Buckinghamshire can find themselves drifting over the pristine Vale of Aylesbury, which is made up of clay formed at the end of the Ice Age. From here, there are plenty of hills, forests and countryside for the eyes to feast upon, including the Chiltern Hills, formally known as an official area of outstanding natural beauty. After drifting through the vale or over Chiltern Hills, your flight could take you along the River Ouse or even the Grand Union Canal. All of these locations offer great views from the start, especially if your take off point is in Milton Keynes close to Willen Lake. A lot of people enjoy hot air balloon rides throughout Buckinghamshire, as it gives them the chance to contrast its large urban areas with its nearby rural surroundings.

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