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What to look out for on your flight over Kent

Kent is one of the Home Counties, as it borders Greater London and is situated on the south east tip of England. The county has plenty of beautiful landmarks and landscapes to offer, making hot air balloon trips very popular in this area. However, what exactly is there to look out for on your ballooning journey?

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is located five miles outside of Maidstone. It is a Grade I-listed building and is essentially based on an island with a large moat surrounding it. It has origins that date back as far as 1119 and is a popular tourist venue for the region, with many films and television programmes featuring the building. This makes it a must see for many who take hot air balloon rides in the area.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Towards the west of Kent is the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. This community beautifully combines rural and urban features, giving those taking a trip on a hot air balloon plenty of things to look out for. The Calverley Grounds offer those drifting in a balloon an array of colours during the summer months, as its many varieties of plants blossom. As well as this, there are plenty of landmarks to look out for, including the Church of King Charles the Martyr and Calverley Crescent.

Canterbury Cathedral

One of the most iconic buildings in Kent is Canterbury Cathedral. It is one of the oldest Christian structures in the country and is part of a World Heritage site. The cathedral is associated with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the leader of the Church of England, and was built between 1070 and 1077. This building can be seen for miles from the skies and is one that many people who fly over the area are keen to catch a glimpse of.

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