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Why Britain is great for hot air ballooning

There are some amazing locations throughout the world to see from the sky, but there is no need to leave the country to experience some of the best hot air balloon experiences. Britain has unique and stunning scenery, from gentle rolling hills and historic towns to spectacular coasts and dramatic moorland. There is something to suit most people's tastes and what’s more, these locations are relatively close to home, removing the need to fly to the far corners of the globe for a wonderful ballooning journey. Balloon trips are generally special occasions and, while it can be worth saving up for a rare and memorable treat, the cost of a balloon ride in Britain will naturally be lower than one taken overseas, and this is certainly worth taking into account. A safe and enjoyable ballooning experience In Britain, those taking a ride in a hot air balloon can rest assured that there are British safety guidelines for all balloon flights to follow. Balloon pilots hold commercial pilot's licenses, are certified by and follow the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority, and carry suitable insurance. British hot air balloon pilots are considered to rank amongst the world's best. It takes several years to gain a balloon pilot's licence and knowledge in areas such as meteorology and navigation is required, as well as excellent flying skills. All of the hot air balloons used in Britain must be certified as airworthy and inspected every year. Joining in is all part of the fun When taking a balloon trip in Britain, passengers are usually encouraged to help set up the vessel for the launch. This could involve laying out the balloon's envelope on the ground prior to inflation. It can be interesting to step inside the balloon as it is being inflated to get sense of its vastness. After the flight, the balloon passengers may be invited to help the crew squash all of the air out of the balloon as part of the deflation procedure. They could also help to pack the enormous envelope into its stuff sack, an activity that resembles packing away a tent or sleeping bag after use. Britain is quite an important global centre for hot air ballooning. The biggest manufacturer of hot air balloons is actually based in Britain, and the largest balloon festival in Europe takes place in Bristol every year. Many areas of the United Kingdom are perfect for a scenic balloon flight. In the North, balloon passengers could choose to float over the hills of the Peak District or the beautiful city of Edinburgh, for example. In the south, they might decide to drift gently above the green countryside of Somerset or see the famous sights of London from a new angle. If the wind is right, some lucky balloon trippers might even experience rides that take them over their own houses. There is no need to travel far from home to experience a wonderful flight, because Britain is one of the best places in the world for hot air ballooning.

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