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Why is Cambridgeshire a popular tourist destination?

Cambridgeshire is a beautiful county located in the East Anglia area of England, sitting on the borders of Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and Norfolk. It has the lion’s share of the region referred to as the Silicon Fen, and features Home Fen, which is the lowest point in the UK at 2.75 metres below sea level. If you are looking for an interesting and exciting place to explore within the boundaries of the United Kingdom, it is one of the first places you should think about travelling to for a number of reasons. Hot air balloon rides Cambridgeshire is one of the most perfect counties in which to embark upon an enthralling hot air balloon flight. This is because it is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and attractions, which can be appreciated even more from the air, including the architecture of Cambridge University Library, Gog Magog Downs and Little Trees Hill. Hot air balloon rides in Cambridgeshire are perfect not only for family trips out, but also for solo flights. They're extra special for couples that want to book a romantic champagne flight over beautiful countryside, in order to get away from it all and spend some quality time together. Imperial War Museum Duxford Located in Duxford, the Imperial War Museum is the perfect place for history buffs and families with inquisitive kids. It is important that we keep the memory of the war alive, and this museum is the perfect place to do so thanks to its many fabulous exhibitions. These include its Air and Sea exhibitions, encompassing everything from the First World War to present day military vehicles, its Conservation in Action Hangar, and its regularly scheduled air shows, which will enable you to see military vehicles in action. Cambridgeshire Wine School If you are exploring the county of Cambridgeshire with no children in tow, then you may want to consider a visit to the Cambridgeshire Wine School, where you can choose from a range of alcohol-based day classes, including wine tasting events, champagne and winner dinners and the opportunity to taste the finest wines of various regions around the world, making for a decadent day out. Cambridge University Botanic Gardens Home to some of the most stunning specimens, amateur horticulturists will spend the day in wonder and delight if they make the excellent decision to visit this most stunning of attractions. These can be explored in the daytime or evenings, when it takes on a romantic tone, filled with wonderful flowers and aromas to delight the senses.

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