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Why you should propose on a hot air balloon flight in Lincolnshire

If you have decided that it’s time to settle down with that special someone who makes your life complete, you will want to ensure that your marriage proposal is an unforgettable one. We think that one of the best, most unexpected, yet timeless ways to propose to your loved one is during a hot air balloon flight in Lincolnshire.

The perfect hot air balloon proposal

Proposing during a hot air balloon ride is a great idea for so many reasons. The main one being that it is an extremely romantic way to pop the question, a moment which is only enhanced as you float above the beauty of historic landmarks such as Lincoln Cathedral, Bransby Horses and Lincoln Castle to name a few.

A great story

Popping the question whilst enjoying a hot air balloon ride will also ensure that you have a romantic story to tell your children and grandchildren. After all, telling them you proposed as you floated over lush hills and ancient architecture is much more impressive than saying that you popped the question at the local Italian restaurant.

You’ll never forget it

A hot air balloon ride in the UK is an unforgettable experience even when you aren’t proposing marriage to your loved one, so imagine just how memorable it will be when you ask the question and your partner says yes as you are carried high above the Lincolnshire skyline in any direction the wind takes you.

You can customise your experience

Whether your partner enjoys the finer things in life, or they enjoy more simple pleasures, you can customise your hot air ballooning proposal accordingly. Using champagne, banners declaring your engagement, blankets and picnic foods, can make your special moment even more memorable.
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