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Former pro rugby player pops the question on a hot air balloon ride

Former Leicester Tigers rugby player, Darren Grewcock recently made a hot air balloon trip with his girlfriend particularly special. He took the opportunity, during the Virgin hot air balloon flight from Stanford Hall, to propose to Debbie Bliss, who promptly accepted. Recalling the experience, Debbie said:
"It was such a surreal and quiet experience, I was too busy admiring the view to really think about anything else. As we started the descent Darren said 'I've got an announcement to make' and asked me to marry him! I said 'yes' and all the passengers cheered. It was lovely."
The pilot radioed this information back to support crew on the ground, and a champagne toast was ready for all the passengers on their descent. Darren, who now works as personal trainer, admitted some nerves prior to popping the question, but once the balloon was airborne, he was able to seize the moment. The couple first met at school at the age of 15, but recently reunited at a school reunion one year ago, after which their relationship blossomed. And it seems that a hot air balloon ride provided a suitably romantic setting for a marriage proposal. Hot air balloon proposals are not unusual, but it’s a good idea to give notice of your intentions to the company organising your hot air balloon ride. At the very least it will give them time to set aside some bubbly to celebrate the joyous news.

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