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Out-of-this-world balloon trip and Keanu Reeves feature in Christmas catalogue

The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue, which is famed for offering high-end gifts for the super rich, has been released, and features a range of fabulous gifts including a bike tour with actor Keanu Reeves and a balloon ride to the edge of space. For $150,000 (£97,000), the Matrix star can be "bought" for a two-day bike tour around California on a 121 Bhp KRGT-1 motorcycle, which he co-designed. The buyer and a guest will get to stay at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, before having breakfast with the actor and embarking on a tour through the area's mountains and national parks. What’s more, the buyer will get to keep the bike, which is a replica of Reeves' personal model. The 51-year-old said:
“For Neiman Marcus, we added performance enhancements, so it’s got a sportier frame, engine and suspension.”
As exciting as that is, many people may opt for what is as close to the ultimate adventure as most people could hope for: a trip to the very edge of the Earth's atmosphere in a hot air balloon. Costing a slightly more affordable $90,000 (£59,000) per person, an intrepid group of six passengers will be taken to more than 100,000 feet above the ground. Neiman Marcus is famed for its extravagant gifts, and this year's include a guitar designed by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top for $30,000 (£20,000) and a special edition Mustang for $95,000 (£62,000). As pricey as these may be, they aren't the most expensive items that Neiman Marcus has ever sold. That honour belongs to a $20million (£13million) submarine and a $35million (£22.8million) Boeing jet.

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