Hollywood actors take hot air balloon trip

Actress and model Kate Upton recently caught the attention the paparazzi as she took a hot air balloon ride in St. Louis, Missouri.

With the flight taking place during filming for the forthcoming movie “The Layover”, she was joined by fellow cast members Alexandra Daddario and comic actor Matt Barr.

Miss Upton enthusiastically posted a picture on Instagram of her and Daddario preparing to board the balloon, with another photo from the day being captioned:

“Up up and away! @alexannadaddario #stlouis”

The cast members, it is reported, enjoyed views of the state of Missouri, having ascended initially from a park in East St. Louis. The film, of which this balloon trip may form a part, tells the story of two friends, played by Upton and Daddario, who decide to escape life’s troubles by taking a road trip, only to find themselves falling for the same man during a stopover in St. Louis.

It is no great surprise, perhaps, that hot air ballooning is reportedly to be included in a romantic film about wanting to get away from it all. Many enthusiasts find the experience to be quite exhilarating, just as Miss Upton seemed to. Again posting to her Instagram page, she expressed that she was having a lot of fun filming on “The Layover” set.

With the film scheduled for a 2016 release date, any movie buffs interested in seeing if the hot air balloon flight makes it into the final cut will have some time to wait.

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